And so it begins …

May 10, 2016

Here we are.  After a few days of exploring Portland and meeting up with long lost college friends and eating awesome food and lots of running and a little relaxation, we are about to begin on this long and treacherous journey.

I’m sitting in Orientation for First Time Delegates (which was supposed to start 30 minutes ago) and we’ll be in Opening Worship in about an hour.  I’m grateful to be hanging out with our dear friend, Rev. Dr. Laceye Warner, because as we walked around the Convention Center, she was stopped every 2 minutes by all sorts of people.  She knows everyone!  I know I’ll be making lots of new friends (and sadly enough, I’ll probably be making a few enemies as well).

Its great to see some familiar faces and awesome to see so much diversity and folks from so many places around the world.

Apparently we’re waiting on the person who is in charge of this meeting – they’ve been detained.  There’s a faction of folks waiting on this meeting who broke out in a rousing rendition of “This Little Light of Mine.”  The Holy Spirit may be moving among us!

Will share more observations later!


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