Shoes, I’d rather not

September 7, 2009

I hate shoes.  If it weren’t for OSHA, I’d wear sandals everyday to work, even in the winter.  As soon as I come home, the first thing I do is take off my shoes (and Josh will tell you that is usually in conjunction with putting on my pajamas – I’m more of a comfort clothes girl than a work clothes girl).

My feet do not like to be cooped up.  But, I must admit that I hate to go barefoot outside.  Enter : Birkenstocks.  My dear friend from college, Melissa, was the first person I remember who wore Birkenstocks.  Now, soon after seeing her pair, I did pick up a pair of “fake Birkenstocks” which quickly became my favorites.  Soon after, I forked over the big bucks and purchase the real deal.  Wow.  Comfortable, completely and utterly comfortable.  I personally like the style with two thinner straps and no heel strap.  My feet feel supported and safe from the elements beneath but still get plenty of air & a sense of freedom.  I’ve had several pairs since those college days – but typically only one pair at a time.  Except while at work or while running, I don’t think I’ve worn any other shoes this summer.

Fall is my absolute favorite season ever and the only thing I don’t like about fall is that it means it is getting too cool to wear my Birks.  I know they make closed toe Birks but to me, that defeats part of the purpose.  I like sandals – minimal amount of shoe covering the foot.  I have a pair of Keens that are great if I’m tromping around in a creek or walking along a dusty path but they are still too restricting.  Now, I have been known to wear my sandal style Birkenstocks with socks.  Yep, totally uncool but hey, it works in a pinch.  The transition from warm weather shoes to cool weather shoes is a difficult one for me – gotta take it slow.

The last pair of Birks I bought (that got me through the past 2 or 3 summers) was with my sister Carmen in New Jersey.  We tried on a million pairs each in every color -that poor shoe salesman was a saint.  We ended up with similar pairs to those we’d worn out previously.  Some habits are hard to break.  For me, I usually don’t even care if the Birks don’t match the color or style of clothing that I’m wearing.  Shorts?  Certainly.  Jeans?  Of course.  Skirts?  Sure, who cares.  I’m kinda glad they’re not as trendy as they used to be because I wear them not for looks but for comfort and keeping my feet cool.

Bring on fall weather.  I’ll  be ready once I discover a new shoe that I’m sure is waiting out there for me somewhere.


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